Saturday, April 25, 2009

Windows Server Core 2008 – 3Com NIC installation problem

It appeared that my on-board NIC was not working as my new installation would not recognise it. So I took my “3C905C-TX-M Etherlink 10/100BT PCI NIC w/Management” from a server that was running Server 2003 and I knew was working. Plugged it in and it still did not recognise this one.

Now the Vista drivers are different so I tried to download some drivers on the net, I copied them onto the new server and ran the exe. Still didn’t recognise the NIC after a reboot. So I went to the extracted location of the R41104.exe and navigated to

Bare in mind that this exe tries to extract the drivers to a Dell Location. Mine is not a Dell, so I extracted them to a “Drivers” folder.


Then type in the following command.

pnputil –i –a W9X90XBC.INF

My network is all up and running. I might go and see if this works with the on board nForce NIC

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